Shana Smith

First and foremost I am a wife and mother. My amazing husband has been in the Army for almost 16 years, the past 8 have been as an active Reservist.  We have a beautiful 9 year old daughter, a future Olympic soccer star.  The three of us, along with the dog, a cat, a guinea pig and a fish live in the City of Orange. We love having access to everything so readily especially with the different sports and family activities that we enjoy.  In our family the year is broken into two seasons; forget summer, fall, winter and spring because we have simply baseball and hockey.  We love attending as many games as we can each year.
I currently work as the Officer Manager for a leasing company; I love helping new businesses grow. In my spare time I am a soccer mom, a budding scrapbooker and I enjoy volunteering with several military organizations, my passion is being able to assist families of our fallen heroes.  I am often amazed at how many hours I can find in a day to do things, and the best part is we do almost everything as a family.  My husband is a runner and cyclist with Team RWB and in addition to being the Board Secretary, Spokesperson and coordinator for  Got Your Back Network  I have also taken up running for the TAPS Run and Remember Team.  I feel that teaching community service to our younger generations is imperative to our future therefore our daughter attends our community service events with us.
I am excited to have been chosen Mrs. California International 2013 and look forward to a wonderful year!!  I will use this opportunity to promote community support for the families of our fallen military because I know that the platform the pageant provides in invaluable. As a military wife, with friends that also have husbands that also serve, the realities of deployment are always on my mind.  We each marry the military knowing the statistics and possibilities that exist each time our service member deploys and wouldn't change our undying support of each other and our country.  Serving the families of our fallen military is an honor and privilege.  I look forward to continuing to serve these families in every way possible.

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  1. Good morning Mrs. Smith,

    I want to congratulate on your wonderful achievement as Mrs. California, but more importantly congratulate you on being such a dedicated mother and wife. I work with Sonia (HipSsister) and also wanted to thank you for your support in our company.

    Also, I have a letter I'd like to share with your husband (military related) I wrote it to my Grandfather in 1998 and I've been sharing it with Veterans ever since. If you'd be kind enough to let me. I can email it to you.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


    Brock Halter