Monday, December 17, 2012

Tis a reason for this season

December is my FAVORITE month of the year!  I love all the goodies, the friends and family, the weather... it’s just a heartwarming month!  It has  also been a great month to share my message and platform with so many people – people that want to help and want to be a part of something.  Tis the season of giving and working for a nonprofit I get to see the faces of those that receive which makes all the hard work worth it.

On December 2 I was asked to attend the La Jolla Holiday Parade with my beautiful daughter.  La Jolla is part of northern San Diego, with such a huge military community it’s always an honor to do anything down there.  Walking around and meeting other titleholders, moms and military families is always a fun and a great learning experience for Krystina.  Going down the parade route my platform was talked about many times by the announcers along with how to get in touch with the Got Your Back Network which is what it’s all about.  At the end of the parade I took photos with many little princesses and their mom’s... it’s cute to play around and talk Santa with these little girls.  I also enjoy talking to their moms about pageants, platforms, how pageants have evolved and hopefully get a few of these accomplished women signed up for next year!

My first real article came out in the Orange County Register on December 3.  I was honored to say the least as they dedicated a spot on the front page as well as the entire ‘Local’ section to my platform and assisting families of our fallen.  The support was overwhelming and I couldn’t be any more proud to be Mrs. California International.  To know that many people read my article and cared enough to email me and voice their support of our families will always be something I am proud of.  I went to Grant’s holiday party for work this past Friday and was congratulated by so many people which gave me another opportunity to talk about and educate people on the need to support the families of our fallen military.  It was funny as I went as his ‘arm candy’ yet everyone was so interested in talking to his wife about all she is doing.  FANTASTIC!

I said at the beginning of my reign that soccer mom came first and that I didn’t schedule things on Monday/Thursday nights or Saturday mornings.  Knowing that soccer was over around Thanksgiving I scheduled a few events on December 8 however unfortunately due to rain and delay Krystina’s last soccer tournaments were rescheduled the same day and daddy was at drill!  I had to balance out 2 events AND 2 soccer games for my little one in true mommy fashion.  Grammy to the rescue for game one!

In the morning I attended the Fullerton Kiwanis’ holiday shop with a child at Kohl’s in La Habra.  The children were bused in from local Boys and Girls Clubs as well as a transitional living center to shop for some wardrobe.  I was paired up with a beautiful little 7 year old girl, Brianna.  What a sweet child and so much fun!  We had one hour and $100 to shop for clothes/shoes for her.  A girl after my own heart, we started in shoes.  She got the cutest little sequined moccasins and purple shiny boots (noted to self to go back and grab a pair for Krystina), then off to clothes.  An hour later she had her 2 pairs of shoes 3 pairs of jeans, 2 full outfits with leggings and a few shirts.  Thank you to the Fullerton Kiwanis for the gracious invitation and Kohl’s for supporting this event and these children – all were overly appreciative as they carried out their multiple bags of clothes!!

Off to Laguna Niguel I went for the holiday parade – I spoke to the parade planner and rode with a group that was about 130 spots closer to the beginning than I so that I could make it for game 2 of the soccer tournament (they understood and actually thanked me for putting mommy first).  A WONDERFUL parade by their committee which was themed Honoring our Heroes.  Thank you to the Porsche Club of America chapter for being so gracious and sweet by letting me ride with them.  BEAUTIFUL cars and I learned that 1/3 of all Porsche’s sold nationwide are sold right here in Orange County.   Then headed to the soccer game in full pageant hair and makeup and a dress which was quickly changed to my team SWAT t-shirt and capris and my hair in a bun while I cheered on our girls.  They ultimately lost both games BUT they handled the losses with grace and good sportsmanship for which I was extremely proud.   

I have had a WONDERFUL first half of my month.  I also participated in Wreaths Across America this past Saturday at Los Angeles National Cemetery, memories that were so easily made with 3 Gold Star Wives and the Patriot Guard Riders.  That will be a separate post all together because I have so many things to say about that day, the organization, the event, the people... the list goes on!

Regardless of your passion or mission in life – remember those less fortunate this holiday season and if you can take a few moments to bring a smile to their face.

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