Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Biggest fan

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." -Henry Ford

Salina and I met Memorial Day 2010 at the Northwood Gratitude & Honor Memorial; We had just gotten finished reading names of Service Members killed in action recently added to the memorial.  My daughter and I we were lighting candles for our fallen heroes when Salina and I began talking.  She told me that her husband had been killed in Iraq, he was a combat medic.  She had heard of my organization and wanted to get in touch and learn more about how we helped military widows.  Since that day I have learned a lot about Salina, David and her goal of honoring her husband through miles (running).  Salina has run many races including 35 miles to honor Davids 35th birthday and The Great Wall of China.  My daughter adores her, my husband is inspired by her and me... well I am humbled by her words, inspired by her choices and honored to be her friend.
A few weeks ago Salina asked if Grant would train with her for a 26.2 mile ride because, due to an injury, she couldn’t run the Long Beach Marathon this year.  When I asked my husband he didn’t hesitate – of course he would because David was his brother, another Soldier, that deserved every amount of honor possible.  It isn’t unordinary to find my husband cycling with Team RWB or trying to best himself in a race because that was his passion.  This one was special though because my husband rode with Salina Jimenez, a Gold Star Wife, whose husband SGT David ‘Doc’ Almazan was killed in Iraq in 2006. 
I was so proud to see my husband rise to the occasion, support my passion, honor the memories of Doc and all of our fallen in addition to being part of ‘Team Doc’ for this ride. 
So on the morning of September 8, while I was visiting a friend in VA, my husband rode Volkswagen Think Blue 26.2-mile Bike Tour as part of the Long Beach Marathon.   They had a great ride, met up with Salina’s sister after the half marathon and celebrated this victory.   This morning, when I logged onto Google News what do I see... my husband’s handsome face in the Military Times.  “Members of Team “Doc” Almazan, including Salina Jimenez (middle), completed The Long Beach 1/2 Marathon and 26.2 Bike Tour on Sunday.”  Yes, that’s my husband – as a proud Army Wife, a proud friend and a proud supporter of our fallen heroes I emailed that link to everyone knowing full well my husband would prefer to keep that article quiet but it’s my turn to be his fan!

Mrs. California

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