Friday, October 12, 2012

Irvine Rotary

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Last week I was asked to speak at the Irvine Rotary, I happily accepted because I love the Rotary!  They asked me to speak on my platform and my year as Mrs California at their weekly meeting.  I was so excited because I love sharing the Got Your Back Network, my love of community service and my love of the International system with others. 
When I showed up the meeting, I introduced myself and was greeting by a sweet woman that knew exactly who I was.  Meeting all of the members is always fun, they are such a sweet and inviting group of people that have the same goal of serving others.  I met a visiting member, Weybo from the Netherlands who brought a gift of wooden shoes to the President as well as many other business individuals that were very interested in knowing more about families of our fallen.  As I spoke about how wonderful each family is, the challenges that they face and how each person there could help I was overwhelmed by the questions and eagerness to help.  By the end of the meeting I had an event all but planned, a college financial adviser ready to assist our families in addition to a few other wonderful partnership we will be looking into this year.  What a wonderful day, a wonderful organization and a wonderful way to kick off my speaking tour.

Mrs California 

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