Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Red High Heel Walk for heart health awareness

Soccer is back! With our daughter being in love with the sport Grant and I choose to support her in whatever way is necessary... one of those being a large part of her soccer team each season. Last season Grant was an assistant coach and this season I am the team mom. We have had so much fun with her and her team... I have still only missed 1 game thus far which was the day that I won Mrs. California (we both won that day!) So here we go with our spring season and I am sure our girls are going to learn a lot.

I have learned quite a bit about my own heart health through the GoRed for Women movement. Education is important to your health and the health of those you love. I couldn't imagine missing milestones in my daughter’s life or not being by my husband’s side in 30 years. Taking care of me is the center point to being there for everything. My reason for all I do is my family.

Saturday afternoon I took part in the 1 mile Red High Heel Walk in Long Beach for the third year. A mile in heels is a daunting task for most women but what impressed me most was the amount of MEN rocking heels for the cause. Justin Rudd and the Community Action Team hold this event each year during February to educate other on the necessity of heart health and honor those we have lost. As we walked we were able to educate many onlookers along the way as they asked who we were and why we were all walking in heels. People are always so surprised to hear the statistics of heart health.

I enjoyed walking with another titleholder/friend. We laughed and discussed the wonderful things we have each learned through pageantry.
Lisa (owner of the AMAZING La Strada restaurant, Courtney Mrs Rancho Cucamonga and the current Miss Long Beach after our 1 mile walk

Courtney and I with Woody (the official C.A.T. photographer)

These shoes were made for walking... to make a difference!

Grateful for another fabulous weekend with my family and friends!

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