Thursday, February 14, 2013

Articles and upcoming events

This past month I have been very busy planning several upcoming events for families of our fallen in addition to participating in events for heart health month.  I am also a featured write as the Military Family Examiner on and was recently asked to write a monthly column for the Orange County Register.  Most who know me know that I LOVE to write; I have 2 books that are complete that I am just pending publication on.  I believe that you should do the things you are passionate about;  while I may never be JK Rowlings and amass a fortune through writing it is something that I love and enjoy.  Growing up I was encouraged to write my feelings and thoughts, I have journal upon journal chronicling my adolescence and early adulthood however due to circumstances I was unable to keep journals for several years... those years were turned into my first book in retrospect.  That book may never be published but will always hold a very special place in my heart as that was a very difficult time in my life that I am so proud to have made it through. 
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Our upcoming events for Got Your Back Network are very exciting.  I am in the planning stages of family day with the Anaheim Angels baseball, Ducks Hockey and our first surviving spouse financial literacy program.  With the scope of all that the Got Your Back Network offers being so broad it allows me to seek out different events for families to participate in and see what they like the best.  The organization is for them so what works and what doesn’t is based on their needs and wants.  In the past several years I have learned that each person in a different place in their journey, no place is right or wrong but a personal journey, therefore it’s important that their needs are met regardless of where they are.

Coming up:
February 16       Red High Heel Walk for heart health awareness
February 18       Anaheim Ducks game – Got Your Back Network (Tentative)
March 16          Got Your Back Network Financial Literacy Workshop
March 22          Go Red for Women Luncheon

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