Sunday, March 31, 2013

Headshots take a village... sometimes!

“You don't take a photograph, you make it.”
Ansel Adams

On July 3, 2010 Grant came home from Iraq - his flight landed in Bakersfield after 15 months and we were reunited at his unit just a few hours later. Standing there waiting for that first 'HOME' kiss and hug were excruciating for everyone there; more than 145 families waited for their soldier.

Through Operation Love ReUnited I met Jess and David Cadena - Jess Cadena is a Bakersfield photographer that donated her time and expertise to photograph homecomings for military families. Jess and her wonderful husband met us at Grant's unit bright and early and took hundreds of photos showing all of our nervous anxiety, every gasp when the glimpse of ANY bus came down the street and our AMAZING first hugs and kisses... even my favorite photo of Krystina showing her daddy all of her lost and wiggling teeth. Jess became a part of our family that day - a woman that I couldn't be more appreciative for. So when I knew I was headed to Bakersfield for the Bakersfield Pageant I contacted Jess to shoot some more photos and she happily agreed.

When I got to the Cadena's home I met their sweet daughter Abby, a new little princess friend of mine. We giggled and tried on my crown before we started shooting... a great shoot that was both relaxing and fun with some great pictures. I am grateful to Jess and David for their gracious hospitality and talent. I look forward to shooting with them again!

Also a HUGE THANK YOUo to Sylvia @ F.L.Y. Cosmetics in Bakersfield for my beautiful makeup and Moony Love for my hair!  You both make this relaxed mommy feel like a real Queen!  Sylvia also did my makeup for the Mrs California Pageant - my winning look!  If you need hair and makeup in the central valley these are the ladies to call!

With Jess and David's beautiful daughter Abby

Yes - Even Mrs California has her silly moments

Being Mrs California still feels like a dream

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