Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Judging the Miss BNP USA 2013 Pageant

Any time you are asked to judge it’s always a good idea to know what you are judging – is it a child’s glitz pageant or a Miss America-style pageant… or something in between.  This way you are both prepared to make great choices in judging and are able to provide something to give back to the contestants as notes. 
When I was asked to judge the Miss BNP Pageant there was not much information online about it.  I knew that it was mainly Philippino contestants and was mildly concerned about the potential language barrier as this is an international competition.  I asked the director who assured me that English was primary and I would be right at home judging.  She could not have been more accurate.
The Miss BNP USA pageant is a fundraiser for the Banal Na Pag-aaral Church. Each contestant was chosen by their chapter The winner of the Miss BNP USA 2013 title is the young lady who received the most votes through donations brought into the church. BNP has the goal of bringing more people into the fold by opening their minds and hearts and making them aware of their basic Catholic duties and doctrines, and encouraging them to lead a truly Christian life thereafter. I was honored to judge.
Upon arriving at the venue I was instantly taken aback by the sheer about of people in attendance.  After the brief judges direction we took our seats in the breathtaking auditorium.  There were thousands of yards of material ‘tenting’ the ceiling and the walls, a professional stage with beautiful beams of light and a wonderful dance crew to keep us entertained.  We judged in the area of Photogenic, Talent and Best Dressed. These ladies were all phenomenal. I appreciated the support that each young woman received from their respective chapter and watching their genuine excitement for each contestant on stage.

I have attended many pageants and this one will always remain in my top 5 for both production and welcoming. I can’t begin to explain how many wonderful people thanked me, even if their contestant didn’t win, and hugged me. Krystina and I were welcomed in with open arms. After the pageant a full dinner was served and I received the chance to meet the winner and many contestants and past winners. I was impressed with their love of Christ and their church.

Thank you to the wonderful people of the BNP for inviting me to judge and be a part of this amazing evening. I look forward to seeing you in November for the Ms./Mrs. BNP Pageant.


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